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What We Do

Engaging women to get to know God and putting HIM first in their marriage. We take pride in Motivating , Encouraging Empowering , and of course Praying for one another. We are a group of Wives growing together and learning from one another on our journey of marriage, motherhood, and womanhood.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned we are planning a great event  for the very near future. We will  keep you posted! 

Bible Study

Our Bible Study is not your average Bible Study. During our scheduled meetings, we Pray and focus on a specific topic, as we discuss it and relate that topic to the Bible. There is no facilitator, we are all learning together. The most important part of our meeting is that we get to Bond, Pray, and Laugh together. We all leave feeling better, encourage, and inspired.


Our Next Bible Study Will Be held on Friday October 12th @7pm

No upcoming events.

Testimonials About Wives Who Pray

It’s a Blessing to have amazing women/ wives raving about us on social media! Below you will see a few more that caught our eyes!